19th Century Curran Village will welcome guests

during Old Home Week

The Curran Village living history museum will be teeming with activities for younga nd old... possibly including letterpress printing, bookbinding, pickling, outdoor cooking, archaeology, 1890s rules baseball, Native American arts & crafts, crystal radio set building, catapult building, sewing, metal fabrication, woodworking and more. The highlight of the day is a carousel ride.

The museum will also be open for general visitors to self-tour and ride the carousel at times to be announced.

Come out and see the museum village that has developed within the last four years.  New buildings will be open for the the first time this season, including the Bill & Dede Bullock Country Store, the Fenderson Red Schoolhouse, and the Tom Flagg Smithy (1935).

There will be  ongoing demos of early gas engines from our extensive collection, agricultural equipment, Model Ts, and more to experience plus hands-on learning.

Remember that the Curran Village has ongoing adult and children's workshops during the warm and cold weather. 

Consult their website at curranhomestead.org and Facebook page at "19th Century Curran Village" for up to date information about their offerings. Email us at thecurranhomestead.org, Call:207-205-4849 or 207-745-4426.

The museum is currently search for volunteers and paid, part-time seasonal staff to assist with daily operations. Please contact them if interested.